Below is a list of koi and goldfish websites where you can get sooo much information. And because most (or all) of these sites have boards that allow you to correspond, you can make new friends who share your interests.


Clicking on the links below will redirect you to another web site.


References & Calculators: - This is an excellent pond calculator       - This site contains several useful pond calculators including Pond Salinity Calculator, Pond Volume Calculator, Pump Cost Calculator, Total Dynamic Head Calculator, and Unit Conversion Calculators


Clubs: – Associated Koi Clubs of America, National Koi organization, excellent library - AKCA's magazine - Regional org (links to most regional clubs) – Our club’s site - Spokane – Inland Empire Water garden & Koi Society - Excellent library - Excellent library and water quality information – Regional high end koi club


Commercial: – Local pond builder, plants & landscaping – Aquascape


Koi Health: – Excellent health info – Excellent health info - Part of KoiVet  Excellent health info - Part of KoiVet


Koi & Pond Supply Retailers – Local & Regional: - Koi Joy in Kennewick - Southern Oregon - Spokane (Pan Intercorp) - North Seattle


Bulletin Boards: - The biggest bulletin board - a small, but friendly board – a small, but friendly board




Water Gardens: - The International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society


Blogs: - This is an interesting blog to sign up for and follow.   

Our club has hosted Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan here in the Tri-Cities a couple of times a few years ago.