How-to Articles
 Pond Care Flow -vs- Time Chart - Using the 5 gallon Bucket Method

Steps to Building a Great Pond

Dealing with Dissolved Organic Solids (DACs) in a Pond Environment

How to Build Your Own Pond Vacuum

Dealing With Green Water and String Algae - By Don Harrawood

Pond Cover with Window

Pond Heating Using House Duct Work and an Electric Furnace

 Fish Care Comprehensive Koi Health and Disease Management - By Karl Schoeler

Learning to Keep Our Fish Healthy as We Progress Up Thru the Different Stages of the Hobby

Best Practices for Introducing New Koi to a Pond

How to Protect Your Fish from Being Sucked in to a Surface Skimmer

How to Protect Your Resident Fish During a Rebuilding or Major Maintenance Project

How to Select Healthy New Pond Fish

How to Protect Your Fish From the Worst of Winter

A Few Facts About Koi - By Don Harrawood

Miscellaneous Articles
  Dragonflies and Damselflies in Garden Ponds - By Christine Eirschele

Herons - By Carolyn Weise

Past Events
 Summit View Seminar - By Carmen Stafford

Interesting Threads 
  This section contains direct links to threads running on some of the various bulletin boards.

Sometimes people ask a question that does not have a simple or agreed upon answer, but the input of several people on the thread can add different points of view and cover the topic in more depth. By linking directly to the thread, the people who post get credit for their ideas and their words do not get twisted around. The disadvantage is that some threads run long and get off track. Another problem can arise is that sometimes people get upset and say things that they shouldn't. Just enjoy the good and ignore the bad.

This thread is on The question their discussing is: are long fins really koi and if not, why not?

If you have any interest in the very best koi in Japan, here are some threads on the current "All Japan Koi Show". The threads are by Russ Peters of PSkoi in California.